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The Park has asked for our help with the trail Monitoring survey


Unlike the Work Order Form, the CRNRA Trails Monitoring Form is used to report impacts to park trails caused by visitor use. Think of it more as social science monitoring than facility/structural monitoring! You can submit monitoring reports related to: 

  • Visitor-caused resource damage along trails (e.g., graffiti on historic structure)
  • Unauthorized parking (5+ vehicles parked outside of designated spaces at a trailhead)
  • Social trailing (i.e., unofficial/unauthorized trails created by visitors)
  • User conflicts between bikers and pedestrians
  • Improper dog behavior (dog waste, dogs off leash, etc.)

This link should open in your phone’s browser. Please use it whenever you’re out and about in the park.  You will have the option to launch the survey in your web browser or withing the Survey123 application.  If you choose to install Survey123 to complete the form please select “Continue without signing in”.

Launch Trails Monitoring Form (Updated Feb 2024)

CHAT Trails Monitoring Survey

Monthly Trail Day at Columns Drive

Trail day at Cochran Shoals, Columns Drive


Hello Trailblazers, this month’s meeting will be a hybrid VIP meeting.  We will be meeting in person and presenting on Microsoft

Microsoft Teams meeting

Sweep the Hooch 2024

Save the date for Sweep the Hooch.  More details to come. You must register with the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper to...