CPC Walk and Talk Series

HELP US CELEBRATE OUR PARK’S 40th ANNIVERSARY! Forty years ago, President Jimmy Carter took the monumental step of protecting the Chattahoochee River and its land for all of us to enjoy. In honor of this anniversary, Chattahoochee Parks Conservancy has created a Walk...

Kings of Distinction Pick Up Trash at Paces Mill May 30

nine young men picked up trash at Paces Mill. One group headed up the
Rottenwood Creek Trail. The other group cleaned the parking lots, and
picnic area. The students shoveled mounds of discarded ashes
surrounding the grills into trash bags leaving the picnic area ready
for the summer season.

high school students are members of the Kings of Distinction
Mentoring Program at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School,
St. Louis. The group is visiting Atlanta historical sites, meeting
with community leaders and mentoring groups, and touring colleges.
Paces Mill was chosen as their community service project.

Gardening Work Day at Island Ford May 12

weeded the native plant garden surrounding the flag pole and the
plaque recognizing CRNRA as the first National Water Trail. Visitors
walking to the Visitor Center pass native grasses, wildflowers,
ferns, red bud trees, and oak leaf hydrangeas.

Mountain Laurel in full bloom

Mountain laurel is in full bloom at Vickery Creek. One of the most beautiful hikes in Vickery Creek is between mappost VC28  and mappost VC26. Big Creek tumbles on one side of the narrow trail as you walk through the mountain laurel thickets.

Sandy Springs Trail maintenance at Island Ford

Nicks, bearms, dips.
Sandy Springs Trail (aka Cowert Tract) at Island Ford was maintained
by volunteers on May 5. A dozen volunteers debearmed the edges, to
allow water to flow smoothly across and off the trail. Nicks and dips
were cut into the trail tread in low areas to move more water off the
trail, and prevent muddy spots. 

Want to learn how to talk trail? Want
to give back to the park? Want exercise with like-minded volunteers?
Join our trail maintenance days the first Saturday of the month and
our Cochran Shoals/Sope Creek Trail Day with Mtn. Bike Atlanta the
third Saturday of the month. Check the VIP calendar for details here