Per the Department of the Interior and National Park Service, Chattahoochee River NRA will implement this executive order by taking the following measures:  Masks or facial coverings will be required by visitors, staff, and volunteers while inside any federal buildings. This includes the Visitor Center and restrooms.  While outdoors and on the trails, masks and facial coverings should be worn when proper social distancing cannot be maintained. For example, a mask may not be required for the entire hike on a trail but should be used when passing others on the trail if social distancing cannot occur.  Masks should be worn outside in areas where people congregate, and social distancing cannot occur (such as trailheads & specific areas of interest).  In accordance with applicable law, NPS will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals.

Please remember that we are all examples to the park’s visitors regarding using a mask. The park staff and volunteers will utilize positive messaging to our visitors as needed. DO NOT engage if a visitor becomes “heated” about wearing a mask. We will not be enforcing the use of masks to the visitors, only encouraging/educating. This approach will be the same on the trails as well. Since we are not law enforcement, we cannot enforce.

If you have concerns regarding wearing a mask due a health concerns, please contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss with you how you can still volunteer and stay within the mandate.

Thanks for being out there!-

Dave T