Cochran Shoals Unit

Bike Trails Map
Because of the heavy use, it is Park regulation that the trails close to bikes 24 hours after a rain. Check the status on MTBATLANTA website, on Twitter or on Facebook before you get in your car to ride the trails. We watch the rain for you!

Sope Creek entrance
3760 Paper Mill Road, Marietta, GA
Google Map | 33° 56′ 18.02″ N, 84° 26′ 37.95″ W

Sope Creek Trail Map

Columns Drive entrance
3990 Columns Drive SE, Marietta GA 30067

Park is located at the end of Columns Drive, This is the closest addresses listed and will get you close to the park entrance.
Google Map | 33° 55′ 18.17″ N, 84° 26′ 20.84″ W

Columns Drive Trail Map

Interstate North entrance
1956 Eugene Gunby Rd, Marietta GA
Google Map | 33° 54′ 6.79″ N, 84° 26′ 38.04″ W

Interstate North Trail Map

Powers Island entrance
5450 Interstate North Pkwy, Sandy Springs GA 30328
Google Map | 33° 54′ 10.42″ N, 84° 26′ 28.3″ W

Powers Island Trail Map