Hello V.I.P.s!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed getting back into the Parks!  Thank you for the many hours of service you’ve donated to CRNRA.

We don’t have a Facebook group at the moment for CRNRA volunteering, but we have all the functionality that we need to collaborate together right here on CRNRA.VIP!  I think that it would be very helpful if we Volunteers – especially those of us who are Site Stewards, would take a moment to post where we’re planning on going and what we’re planning on doing under the Discussion Forums.  Probably the number one thing that I’ve learned going out to volunteer on my own is that it is often too big a job for one person working solo.  I think this really hit home last year when I somehow successfully moved probably a 150 pound log by myself one day at Sope Creek to keep it from blocking water from draining off the trail.  I don’t like doing that kind of work alone and oftentimes find it to practically impossible and / or dangerous to do so.  

There are so many ways we can help each other be more efficient and effective Site Stewards by working together as a team (though we do have to keep our teams small at this moment in history due to the COVID-19 Pandemic); so, if you find it useful to do so, please take a moment to share with the rest of us where you’re going and / or what you’re seeing out there.  Thank you!  Kelly Keener.